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Wiikalkaa - Little Fires
Ngiyampaa Community Cultural Fire workshop at Mawonga

🔥 Cultivating Healing with Cultural Fire: A Journey on Mawonga

We're thrilled to bring you the latest update on a transformative project that has ignited the spirit of healing and connection on Mawonga. In November 2021, the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment's Cultural Fire Management Unit (CFMU) approached Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation (WAC) with an offer to assist in Cultural Land Management projects and rejuvenate Cultural Fire practices on Mawonga.

Despite facing challenges in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, unprecedented rains, and local flooding, we persevered. After a year filled with rescheduled dates, we finally locked down a day to embark on this incredible journey.

🌿 The Healing Begins: May 28, 2023

In collaboration with CFMU, Bush Heritage Australia (BHA), NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), and the Ngiyampaa Community, we marked the beginning of rejuvenating Mawonga's path to healing using Cultural Fire practices. This initiative, aligned with Mawonga's Plan of Management, aims not only to heal the land but also to nurture cultural connections.

🔥 Cultivating Healing Through Cultural Fire

The power of Cultural Fire has proven profound. By carefully managing fire, we've successfully reduced invasive species in the burnt areas without resorting to harmful chemicals. This approach has also promises to play a vital role in mitigating the growth of Kurrabar, also known as 'White Cypress Pine,' which was threatening to dominate our country without the use of fire.

One of our key objectives was to establish a fire break around Mawonga's accommodation and housing infrastructure, ensuring the safety of our community.

🌟 Voices of Wisdom: Victor Stephenson and Jessica Wegener

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Victor Stephenson and Jessica Wegener from Firesticks Alliance for providing invaluable insights into the significance of cultural fire within the Indigenous community and its role in the healing of Country.

📸 Capturing Moments: A Special Thanks

A special thanks to Justin Grant from Wichenini Entertainment Pty Ltd for capturing and creating a stunning video of this momentous event. Alistair Hartley from BHA enriched our visual documentation with captivating drone stills and videos.
🤝 Building Strong Partnerships: NPWS, BHA, RFS, and WAC

We are deeply grateful for the collaborative efforts and support from our valued partners, who played a crucial role in making our recent Cultural Fire Management workshop a success.

NPWS - Strengthening Bonds from Yathong

A heartfelt thank you to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) for traveling down from Yathong to be a part of this significant event. Your presence not only contributed to the success of the workshop but also fostered and strengthened the ongoing relationship between Mawonga Station and NPWS.

BHA - Sharing Wisdom and Expertise

Our appreciation goes to Alistair and Vikki from Bush Heritage Australia (BHA) for generously sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience in cultural fire practices. Your insights were invaluable, emphasizing not only the cultural significance but also the crucial safety aspects in fire and land management.

RFS Mitigation Crew - Unsung Heroes

A special shoutout to the RFS Mitigation Crew, led by Deanne, Steve, and Shyheim. Your dedication and hard work, both prior to and during the workshop, ensured the smooth execution of the project. Your efforts in looking after the essential groundwork did not go unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for your commitment to the cause.

At Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation, we recognize the strength that lies in collaboration, and its partners like you who make a real difference. Together, we are creating positive impacts on our land and fostering a sense of community and connection that goes beyond borders.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

🍲 Catering with Heart: Stacey and Aunty Norma

No celebration is complete without great food. Our sincere thanks go to WAC's Stacey and Aunty Norma for their exceptional catering.

🙌 A Big Thank You: Steve Meredith

A shoutout to Steve Meredith for your unwavering support and assistance during the workshop. Your contribution was pivotal to the success of this transformative event.

Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible journey of healing we are on at Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation and Mawonga Station.

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