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Mawonga Accommodation and Amenities

Dear Community Members and Guests,

We are delighted to share some important information about the accommodations and amenities at Mawonga Station, aimed at ensuring your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Accommodation Location: The shearing quarters are situated 6 kilometres from Coombie Road along the station's dirt track. As you are travelling along the track, please be cautious of water humps (I like to call them whoopy do’s and if you hit them with too much speed, that’s what you will be calling them too) designed to direct water off the track and minimise erosion. Some humps are marked with guide posts, but our local kangaroo residents seem to think they serve as scratching posts, resulting in a few bent or broken posts. At the 5.2 kilometre mark, turn right at the Shearing Quarters sign. Please navigate to the Mawonga Property Boundary drop down menu under Mawonga station view maps of the property and how to get to Mawonga from Ivanhoe, Hillston or Mt Hope.

Accommodation Upgrades: Our shearing quarters are currently undergoing an upgrade, including the installing of split system air conditioners for guest comfort. We anticipate completing these upgrades by the first cultural camp of the year. The quarters consist of five rooms, each furnished with two single beds. Please provide your own linen/sleeping bag. During larger events, these rooms are reserved for elderly guests and families with babies and small children.

Kitchen Facilities: Adjacent to the shearing quarters, you'll find a spacious kitchen equipped with a large gas oven/stove top and a refrigerator. While our current fridge is substantial, we are actively exploring options for a larger fridge to better cater to the needs of larger camps in the future.

Power Supply: The shearing quarters operate on a 5 kW Tesla battery and a small solar array. During major events, a 6kVa generator serves as backup power, activating automatically when the battery drops to 20%. In times of high power demand, a manual cut-over switch is available. If you plan to use the split system for heating or cooling, please ensure the generator bypass switch is activated before operating the air conditioner.

Toilet Amenities: Our toilet facilities consist separate male and female toilets and a gas-powered hot water shower.

Camping: The expansive grounds surrounding the shearing quarters and kitchen offer ample space for caravans, camper trailers, or there is the option to set up your swag under the roof of the old shearing shed. Please ensure sturdy shoes/boots are worn as the cat heads will test your souls.

Important Reminder: We want to emphasize our zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol during all events at Mawonga Station. Your cooperation in adhering to this policy ensures a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Mawonga Station Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) is a conservation area, and guests are reminded that all vehicles must stay on the designated station tracks.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Mawonga and creating unforgettable experiences during our cultural camps. For any inquiries or further details, feel free to reach out.

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Cultural Camps



Please contact Mawonga Ranger/Property Manager or a WAC member for further information.

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