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Acknowledgement to Country

The words and translation were done by Lesley Woods and Jesse Hodgetts. The audio is done by Jesse Hodgetts

Ngiyampaa acknowledgement of countryJesse Hodgetts
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Ngathii yuwi (your name) kara

Ngathu Ngiyampaa mayi kara

Ngathu (country) ngurrampaaka

Ngiyanu pukil ngityi kara

Marrathalpu ngurrampaaka Ngiyanu kara

Ngiyanu winangangilakirri ngiyanikii pukayangkay, kukayangkaykamintii

Ngiyanu winangangilakirri thakun, kali, kukurrkamintii, tharrapiya

yata punmalaka ngurrampaa

Yata wiitya

Hello, how are you?

My name is _____

I am a Ngiyampaa person

We are gathered here on (nation) country

We are happy to be here

Since the beginning of time, you have been on country

We must always remember our old men and old women (elders past and present)

We must always remember to take care of the earth, water and the trees

and make our country well

Yata wiitya

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